Design Your Data Center for Today and Tomorrow!



Managing growth is a challenge for any business. The capacity and density of your data center can mean the difference between leading the way or falling behind. Today, the Internet is carrying unprecedented amounts of data and modern software is doing more with it. To keep up, data centers must grow in handling capacity and system management capabilities. 2NSystems can help. Our unique experience in both supporting legacy systems and implementing leading-edge technologies allows us to help clients find the most cost-effective solutions to grow capacity, manage power and cooling challenges, and reduce costs.

2NSystems has partnered with industry leaders like Schneider Electric, Raritan, Tate, and others to provide data center solutions to companies in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and across the nation. Whether you’re looking for hardware, software, or a complete data center solution, our range of products will ensure that your facility is as productive as possible.

If you have special requirements, or our existing solutions don’t meet your exact needs, 2NSystems will work with you to create a custom solution. Our experienced team will help you find the perfect products to meet the specific demands of your data center.