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Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a global leader in energy management and automation. Schneider helps companies optimize the performance and speed of their data centers while helping to control costs and also provides industry solutions that increase efficiency and productivity. Schneider Electric technology is safe, reliable, and sustainable.

The Benefit of Our Partnership with Schneider Electricschneider-electric-logo

Our customers benefit from Schneider Electric’s commitment to developing innovative solutions that are reliable and energy efficient. Leverage Schneider Electric’s expertise in data center solutions that optimize speed, performance, and cost, and with industrial solutions that are safe and efficient.

Solutions Available from Schneider Electric

As a certified partner, 2N Systems offers our clients solutions from Schneider Electric including:

  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Schneider Electric provides UPS solutions that ensure critical systems keep operating in the event of a power outage. Schneider also provides infrastructure for server rooms and network closets.
  • Cooling. Efficiently cooling your data center is critical to prevent costly downtime and equipment damage.  Choose from a complete line of Schneider Electric room air conditioners, close-coupled air conditioners, air distribution, chillers and heat rejection solutions, as well as modular access flooring.
  • Racks and accessories. Schneider Electric offers a range of racks and enclosures that make it easy to install, maximize air flow, manage cables, and integrate power distribution.
  • Security and environmental monitoring. Monitoring your data center’s environmental conditions will help alert your staff to conditions that could put your IT equipment and data at risk. A variety of solutions are available from Schneider electric that monitor environmental conditions and include additional features such as surveillance and intrusion protection.
  • IT power distribution. Optimizing your electrical installation by measuring and optimizing power consumption and ensuring sustainable performance can contribute to substantial gains in efficiency and cost savings.
  • Surge protection and power conditioning. Schneider Electric provides a wide range of advanced surge protection solutions, voltage regulators, and filters and harmonic conditioners to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes and ensure better power quality.