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Raritan, a brand of Legrand, is a leading provider of intelligent power and energy monitoring products that help to increase the reliability and energy efficiency of data centers. Among Raritan’s many awards, its PX3 Intelligent PDU is the winner of the Best in Show Grand Prize at INTEROP Tokoyo 2015.

What the Raritan Partnership Means to 2N Systems Customers

Raritan’s intelligent power solutions feature the greatest functionality on the market and enable individual outlet-level power metering and environmental monitoring. Our clients that choose Raritan can reduce power consumption while minimizing downtime for their mission-critical operations. 2N Systems partners with Raritan to offer these solutions to our clients as a part of total state-of-the-art power solutions.

Raritan also shares its resources to help keep our clients informed, such as these three e-books available on our website:

Products Available from Raritan

Raritan solutions available through 2N Systems include:

Power Distribution: Raritan PX series intelligent rack power distribution units (PDUs) offer real-time remote power monitoring — even at individual outlets. Raritan also offers inline meters, transfer switches and branch circuit monitoring systems. Raritan power distribution solutions feature power metering and remote management and are designed to help you manage energy use more efficiently and save costs. They also support environmental monitoring.

DCIM Software: Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software allows data center operators to monitor power and environmental conditions both across their facilities and at rack-level. This software can help prevent downtime and damage by providing power analytics and real-time alerts.

Environmental Monitoring: Environmental sensors from Raritan alert operators to threats to data center equipment such as temperature extremes, humidity, air pressure, or water. They can help operators identify hot spots, and they also help maintain data center security. Raritan environmental sensors integrate with Raritan’s DCIM energy management solution.