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Active Power

Active Power is a global leader in flywheel energy and power technology for mission-critical applications including data centers, manufacturing, and healthcare. Active Power’s technology uses a flywheel to store energy that is always available if an outage occurs, instead of relying on the charge in a battery.

2N Systems Partnership with Active Power

2N Systems’ partnership with Active Power gives our clients an innovative option that is 12 times less likely to fail than other types of uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), with 40% lower total cost of ownership (TCO) over the life of a facility and a 90% reduction in environmental impact. Speak with 2N Systems about how this clean, reliable, cost-effective solution can benefit your organization.

The Benefits of Active Power Technology

ABB offers a range of Cyberex power distribution solutions to meet virtually any need:

2N Systems provides Active Power solutions including:

CleanSource Uninterruptible Power Supply. When operations are running as usual, the flywheel of the CleanSource spins — storing energy to use in the event of an outage. Using kinetic energy instead of electrochemical energy from batteries delivers more predictable, consistent backup power. Battery failure is the leading cause of UPS failure and system downtime.

Some of the advantages of CleanSource UPS are:

  • 20-year operating life
  • No degradation with use
  • Limited maintenance
  • Compact, enclosed footprint

powerhousePowerHouse – Active Power delivers a complete, modular power system with PowerHouse, which includes all of the elements of a traditional electrical room, delivered as an integrated system with the smallest footprint possible. It includes a monitoring system, control, switchboards, UPS, fire protection, a generator compartment, and optional 415V distribution in a purpose-built NEMA 3R enclosure.

PowerHouse is factory-built and tested, and enables low-cost, rapid deployment. When you order PowerHouse’s pre-tested, modular component are practically off the shelf, and the power system arrives fully assembled, greatly reducing integration, testing, and commissioning on-site. It’s also scalable to grow with your infrastructure, as needed.

Genstart – Active Power also offers the Genstart generator starting module. It uses the feed from the output of your UPS to start your generator. This reliable solution eliminates the common problem of generators not starting when needed due to battery failure.