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abb-logoABB is a global leader in power and automation technology, helping customers in utility, infrastructure, transportation, and manufacturing enterprises to enhance their productivity. ABB solutions also help enterprises increase energy efficiency and lower their environmental impact. The ABB Power Protection product group was formed from three of the company’s product lines: Cyberex, Newave (UPS), and Vectek.

Partnering with ABB benefits 2N Systems Clients.

2N Systems’ partnership with ABB provides our clients with solutions that deliver uninterrupted power. You can rely on ABB’s extensive expertise to choose the right solution for your data center, industrial plant, or other application that requires a reliable power protection system. 2N Systems is a certified provider of ABB solutions, including power distribution units (PDUs) and uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs).

Power Distribution Solutions Available from ABB

abb_rpp_edmABB offers a range of Cyberex power distribution solutions to meet virtually any need:

  • Choose from flexible PDU configurations, three cabinet designs, and support ratings up to 500kVA.
  • The Cyberex remote power panel (RPP) provides users with the ability to expand their data center distribution capabilities. It provides up to four 42-circuit output panelboards and four source breakers from your existing PDU.
  • Cyberex Industrial RPP gives enterprises the ability to expand their industrial distribution requirements. It is fed from your existing redundant uninterruptible power supply (UPS), providing up to 42-circuit output panel boards or eight sub-feed breakers.
  • Circuit management solution options include circuit management (BCM), sub-feed circuit management (SFCM), or main feed circuit management (MFCM), supplying you with load management data and alerting you of potential problems. Retrofit solutions are available.

UPS Solutions Available from ABB

pcs100-upsABB offers a range of power protection appliances, with applications ranging from protecting a single computer room from power failure or surges to protecting a large data center or manufacturing plant.

  • ABB’s UPS portfolio includes single-phase UPS and three-phase UPS. Modular solutions are available that can be installed as either tower or rack mount. Multiple appliances in parallel deliver redundancy or increased system capacity. You can choose from an array of models including transformerless, energy-efficient UPSs that minimize total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • ABB’s industrial UPS solutions are specifically designed to meet the demands of modern industrial applications including tooling, machinery, robotics, drives, and motors. They prevent downtime from voltage sags, outages, and surges, while providing high system availability. The line includes a model that is digitally controlled.
  • ABB also offers medium voltage UPS for large manufacturing plants and data centers Retrofit solutions are available.